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Heart of the Earth was established by award winning Gospel Recording Artist Michelle Brooks-Thompson. With a passion for helping youth in need who possess exceptional music and athletic talents, the formation of HOTE INC came to life in 2016. Michelle was once a little girl with big hopes and dreams to become a singer. Born into a musically talented family, Michelle’s talent was crafted through the support of her own mother. By age 9 she was identified as a child prodigy and was already singing, playing the piano and competing in talent competitions. As any child, she believed that her dream would someday come true despite the odds that she would face.


Michelle was born on June 25, 1984 in Boston, Massachusetts. Just two weeks after she was born she was transferred into the care of her late maternal grandparents, while her father and mother entered drug rehabilitation. It was then decided that Michelle would stay with her grandparents until her parents successfully completed their treatments in rehab. Ultimately that decision lasted until Michelle returned to the sole care of her mother at age 10. Although her parents were both married at one point, Michelle’s father abruptly decided to abandon both her and her mother without child support and any financial assistance.


Michelle can recall the days of what it was like living with a mother who was on government assistance with the inability to work due to the disease her mother battled. At the age of 39 her mother was diagnosed with a severe and crippling Rheumatic disease. Michelle’s childhood was ultimately interrupted by having to care for her ailing mother. Michelle’s life transitioned to preparing meals at home, cleaning the house, assisting her mother with normal day to day routines while going to school and attempting to have a normal childhood. Despite these challenges, Michelle’s exceptional talent was never suppressed. It soon became an outlet for her to release her happiness, pain and fears.


By the age of 13 Michelle’s life had been filled with grief and pain because of having been the victim of molestation, rape, the unexpected death of her mother, depression and low self-esteem. Thankfully, Michelle was given a second chance at life and living out her purpose on this earth. Despite her life’s unfortunate circumstances, as a teen Michelle flourished and graduated high school in 3 years. Determined more than ever to never let life’s obstacles stop her from reaching her goals, she tirelessly pursued her passion and dream for becoming a professional singer. Without the traditional financial assistance from living parents like other students, Michelle worked a full-time job at a local grocery store to help pay for furthering her education.


In 2006 Michelle graduated from the prestigious all women’s college Mount Holyoke, in South Hadley, Massachusetts. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Music with minor studies in Religion. Michelle continued to pursue her passion for the performing arts after graduating college on many levels including being accepted into Berklee College of Music. Michelle chose to defer her acceptance but after many competitions and independent musical success, Michelle reached a triumphant moment when she became a successful finalist on Season 3 of the NBC’s the Voice in 2012. Since then Michelle has continued to receive success within music cross various platforms. She is a singer, songwriter, musician, actress, author and acclaimed professional National Anthem singer.


Due to her life experiences and struggles, Michelle knows what it is like to be faced with adversities, self-esteem issues, depression, economic hardship and other detrimental situations, but Michelle also knows what it means to be a survivor and defy all odds against her. Michelle contributes all her success in life to faith and belief in God. She is thankful for the existence of her late maternal grandparents who instilled the value of faith and stimulated her spiritual foundation in God.


Michelle is married to David Thompson, a former NFL player, current educator, and collegiate & high school Athletic Coach. They are the proud parents of two beautiful 9-year-old twin daughters. Together they have decided to use their individual life experiences and talents to create the vision for Heart of the Earth. Their goals are to give youth the opportunity to excel in life through their music & athletic talents and to be an unfailing support system to them.


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